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Resellers Alliance Group

Sell Them! Give Them Away!! Sell Them With Resale Rights!!!
Brand them instantly with NO Programming Knowledge Necessary.
Our brandable titles include our exclusive 'Insta-Brander' branding tool.

Our brandable titles are written by us and are not available anywhere else.

Welcome Fellow Marketer,

Software products are a huge business right now and are always in extremely high demand. Internet marketers all over the world are realizing that software outsells PDF eBooks and reports ten fold and that software actually commands a higher price time and time again because it has a much higher perceived value.

"WAIT! I'm not a programmer" I hear many of you saying.

That's ok. You don't have to know a thing about programming. You still have many options available to you!

You could outsource your project, but you'd end up paying hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to get a single piece of software custom made for you to resell. Plus, if there are support issues, tiny fixes, updates or worse -- bugs, in the code, you probably won't be able to do anything about it yourself and things can turn awful sour pretty damn fast.

Another alternative method is to find some kind of well supported private label software that you can brand with your details, rename, sell, use as bonuses, giveaways, opt-in enticements, etc. But, until now, that sort of thing only pops up a handful of times a year.

What about teaming up with a programmer? Well, then there's splitting the profits, figuring out who gets how much and then, what if YOU want a day, or a week, off? Will your partner let you take time off nilly-willy? Naaaah! We didn't think so either.

Introducing the
Resellers Alliance Group!

As a member of the Resellers Alliance Group you are guaranteed to receive branding rights to AT LEAST two software titles each and every month which you can do almost anything you want with. Sell, resell, give away, sell resale rights to, whatever...

The only thing you can't do in the majority of cases is pass along the 'Insta-Brander' branding tool (nor use it to brand the titles with your customers' details for them to sell to their customers)!

Why would you though? That's what will help set YOU apart from the vast majority of other resellers out there. As a member of the Resellers Alliance Group YOU benefit most, YOU have a leg up on your competition.

Now, even though you're not able to pass on the brander in most cases, I've also been known to release quite a few 'Pass Along' titles every now and again. 'Pass Along' titles include the right to pass on the "insta-brander" branding tool to your customers as well.

Here are just a few of the titles which have been, currently are or will be available within the member area:

Affiliate ID Manager
This cool software allows the user to store all of their affiliate login details in one convenient location. Sticky notes piling up all over your desk and monitor and those notepad files hording your hard drive are now a thing of the past.

Auction Template Creator
This brand new software literally walks you through the entire process of creating PROVEN TO SELL auction listings  -- step by step. If you can answer just a few simple questions, you can create your own auction listings.

Banner Rotation Generator
This amazing Banner Rotation Generator tool generates 1 simple file which enables you to start rotating banners on your pages in no time at all. Post on an unlimited number of pages or an unlimited number of sites and create as many rotation scripts as you need.

Continuity Cash Secrets
Would you like to own a business that not only pays well but does so every month? Thanks to continuity programs (membership sites), you can get paid reliably every month! This set of video tutorials will teach you exactly why internet marketers all over the world are changing their business models!

Download Protector
Easily & quickly create password protected pages with SECURE DOWNLOAD LINKS, stopping those pesky digital thieves dead in their tracks. This software will walk you through the process of creating a secure download page -- step by step. Simply fill in a few blanks and let Download Protector do the rest.

Easy Email Scrambler
This software will take your existing email address and scramble it up a bit making it obscure to most spam bots, thereby eliminating much of the spam you probably receive on a daily basis.

Easy Maintenance Mode
Want to "hide" your pages to the public (even Google) while you're doing some "yard work" on your site? This brand new software will help you do just that, while making sure YOU are still able to access your pages while making your required changes. Plus, Easy Maintenance Mode even works with Wordpress Blog Sites (Any/All Themes).

Easy Photo Slider
Create your own photo slider script for your website which can be used to display an unlimited number of images for anything you wish to showcase. Here is just one sample of the many slideshows we have actually created ourselves, using this very software application.

EZ Article Creator
This brand new software literally walks you through the entire process of creating articles -- step by step. If you can answer questions, you can create your own articles to distribute.

Login Page Generator
This brand new software literally walks you through the entire process of creating articles -- step by step. If you can answer questions, you can create your own articles to distribute. Our brand-new Login Page Generator tool generates the files needed to secure any content you want to provide to members behind a password protection system.

Simple PHP Redirect
Simple PHP Redirect is a simple Windows application which enables you to easily create "Simple PHP Redirect" files which can be hosted on your own site!

Simple Task Manager
Simple Task Manager allows you to easily keep track of all the tasks at hand increasing your overall productivity and even your profits!

Twitter Friends Widget
Here's a "simple to use" software that will generate the "extremely easy to install" code on your own website which will enable you to display pictures of your Twitter followers, those who follow you, or even your Twitter Friends (those who you follow).

Ultimate Backlink Builder
The Ultimate Backlink Builder will create hundreds or thousands of backlinks to your website in minutes at the click of the button. Easily and quickly build thousands of backlinks to your website within a few short hours!

Weight Loss Calculator
Watching your weight is not an easy task. Let the power of Weight Loss Calculator help you along your journey. Simply enter a few details and this software will tell you exactly how many calories you should be taking in on a daily basis during your weight loss expedition and a few other bits of useful information.

WP Plugin Generator
Easily & quickly create your own phrase based wordpress plugins. Then sell them, trade them or even give them away to create your own viral buzz. This "wizard based" software will walk you through the process of creating your own P.L.R. "phrase based" WP Plugin -- step by step.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on... I've got lots more in development too. Website builders, squeeze page generators, social networking tools, affiliate marketing tools, affiliate softwares, content/article spinners, certificate creators, password management tools, eBook generators, advanced menu builders, wordpress plugins, automated web bots and lots more!

And Remember...

You're guaranteed two brandable titles every month.

Sometimes it will be more, in fact I'm prepared to guarantee you'll receive way more than 30 in a year which means, on average, each title will cost you well under $15 each! Where else are you going to find 2 fully brandable software titles for less than $15 each and an entire support team, just a click or two away, waiting to assist you in your time of need -- whenever YOU need it?

But, WAIT! I'm not stopping there. In addition to the guaranteed minimum of 2 4 6 brandable titles each month, which you'll have access to for an entire month, you'll also gain access to 2 BRANDABLE video tutorial sets as well. Each tutorial set will be a complete package including sales page, images and brandable videos. All that will be left for you to do is download, brand, upload and promote -- and, of course, you get to keep 100% of any sales you make!

Topics for the video tutorial sets will range widely and vary from autoresponders, blogging, setting up web scripts, using cpanel, fantastico, and wordpress, to mailing lists, continuity programs, membership sites (setup and management), give aways, product launches, jvzoo, paypal, craigslist, ebook creation, app creation, software creation, article marketing, press releases, merchant accounts, shopping carts, php & mysql, list building, list management, joing ventures, making money with amazon, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter, product creation, running a successful affiliate program, facebook, twitter, linkedin, internet marketing, video creations, time management and so much more... all at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!



All members who have remain active members for at least 90 days will receive unlimited access to our own in-house digital storage vault which hosts thousands upon thousands of additional downloadable digital goodies -- additional software titles, how-to reports, helpful eBooks, website template files, image packs, tutorial videos, wordpress plugins, web bot software tools and much much more... and most will even include some sort of resale rights -- resale, master resale and even private label rights!


Try us out NOW for just $9.97!

Lock in your membership now! All member accounts also include my Price-Freeze Guarantee! As long as your account remains in good standing, you'll NEVER EVER pay any more than the amount you agreed to when you first subscribed!

Before you jump on board, let's just go over (almost) everything you'll receive:

Try us out NOW for just $9.97!

Remember: You are never under any obligation to remain a member. You may cancel any time and I'll even let you keep the products you've already downloaded as my way of saying "Thanks For Trying Us Out!"

That's right! You heard me! I understand that not everything is for everyone. You are under absolutely no obligation to remain a member for any longer than you want to be (although with a deal this awesome, I'm extremely confident that you're going to want to be around a long time).

If at any point you feel the membership is not for you, let us know and we won't ask you for another dime. And you still retain the personal usage rights for any products you've downloaded up until the point of cancellation.

Remember, you can't get these software titles, with these rights, AND the branding tools, at this low price, anywhere else. They're created exclusively by me for my members.

The terms and conditions of use for the brandable titles (not including the brander) are as follows:

[YES] Can sell personal rights
[YES] Can sell give away rights
[YES] Can sell resale/resell rights
[YES] Can sell master resale rights
[YES] Can be used for your own personal use
[YES] Can be sold as a bonus to another product
[YES] Can be given away as an opt-in incentives
[YES] Can be branded with YOUR links and info
[YES] Can be submitted to software directories
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites

Try us out NOW for just $9.97!

And remember, from time to time, I've even been known to offer software titles with virtually unrestricted rights as well. Even titles for which you can pass on the branding tool as well!

Here's To Your Success,
Joey J, Program Manager
Resellers Alliance Group Founder
Telephone: +1.774.234.SOFT (7638)

P.S. Don't delay, become a member right now. The download links for the 2 4 exclusive brandable titles only stay active and available for just 30 days after they are added to the membership area. The sooner you become a member, the more unique, brandable titles you'll have to brand with your own details!

P.P.S. Remember you can join right now and cancel at anytime you wish. You are never tied into any type of contractual agreement. Should you ever decide that the Resellers Alliance Group isn't for you and you wish to cancel your account, simply shoot me an email and I won't collect another dime in membership fees. What are you waiting for? Don't delay! Click here and join today!

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"I've never encountered more responsive, attentive customer service from any online marketer. As a result, I'm not just a loyal customer now, but a die-hard fan. I feel truly valued as a customer." -- P. Santhuff

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Affiliate Commission Logger software. I've spent months and thousands of dollars buying and trying various softwares and none of them did exactly what I needed. Your willingness to customize your existing software to my exact needs was just what I needed.

"I am now easily able to do what I need to do, the way "I" need to do it and I didn't have to take out a second mortgage to do it.

"Thanks so much for the customizations and all your help. You're awesome!! I'll be back real soon." -- Heather J.

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Remain a member for just 90 days and you'll automatically receive unlimited access to the Digital Storage Vault. Currently, the vault hosts more than 3,500 digital products and is growing daily. PLUS, 99% of these products include resale, master resale and even PLR.