How to Find App Developers

How to Find App Developers

I believe that many entrepreneurs have encountered such a situation: you’ve come up with an idea for some app but you don’t know any app developers and even where you can find them.

App development is a sophisticated and expensive process and of course nobody wants to waste a lot of money on an unsuccessful project due to a wrong choice.

Making a decision has become even more difficult due to the fact that there is a large number of app developers.

How can you find the right reliable app developers who will do their job and not ruin all your plans?

In this article, we are going to consider which developers for which projects should be hired, where and how to find app developers.

Whom to Choose: a Company or Freelancer?

The first thing is to make a choice whom you would like to hire: whether an app development company or individual freelancer suits your needs.

Let’s consider both of them.

Freelance developer

There are some points to consider when working with individual developers. You will depend on a single self-managed person in terms of such aspects as risk and time management, communication and reporting, quality of the final product and many more.

Freelancers are more useful when you have some short-term and simple project or task where the responsibility is not very high.

The process of building a new app requires the participation of at least several people such as front-end and back-end developers, designers, testers and other. If you hire several freelancers, it will require more time and money to build the workflow as they didn’t work together before you hired them.

However, if a freelancer was hired on a big and sophisticated project and something went wrong, it may be pretty difficult to set all the negative aspects. All this because no other person is present on the developments process who could monitor the quality of the final product and guarantee the required result.

App development company

If you hire an app developments company, the main benefit is that they already have a settled workflow and all the people are engaged in their specialties.

An app development company usually has a number of developers who are involved in coding that demonstrates best results in performance.

In such companies there are people, project managers, who lead your project and handle all the communication, organization and workflow issues.

Projects managers make sure that the work is done on time, according to the client’s needs and requirements and the final product is of high quality.

Thus, an app development company will provide you with a team that probably worked on numerous projects and already has an established workflow. They will be able to start working on your app quickly and bring quality result in shorter time.

Where Can I Find App Developers?

Finding an app developer for your project can be a difficult task. The competition in this industry is very high, as a result, there is a great number of such companies and they strive to be placed on as many resources as possible.

Here are some of the most popular places where you can find app developers for your project:


  • References


This is probably the oldest and the most effective way of finding vendors or suppliers. Ask people who you know whether they have already cooperated with some app development company and can advise it.

Look for references on various directories, for example, Clutch, Verdordb or Capterra. But keep in mind that companies strive to moderate the references on such websites.

What you can do is contact a person or a company who left feedback and learn how the vendor carried out their project, what were the advantages and disadvantages of working with this particular vendor.


  • Local Universities


If your budget for a project is not extensive, this way may help you save money a lot. Look for young talent in local universities. Students are enthusiastic, motivated and they will be glad to have an opportunity to start their professional career.

However, as in most cases students have very little experience in development, it’s better to hire them for simple projects which don’t have a very tight schedule.


  • Freelance services


On such services you can find developers for a project with any degree of complexity. You can also choose people depending on payment terms including hourly rates or fixed prices.

Freelance services provide protection of the payment process in order to make sure that both parties fulfill the requirements and obligations.

Some of the most famous and popular freelance services are Freelancer, Upwork, etc.


  • Internet communities


There are various communities on the Internet where developers share their experience. They can be websites, for example, StackOverflow or GitHub or some other.

On such websites, you can easily estimate the level of expertise and development skills and choose a person or a company which matches your expectations.


  • Online resources


You can also find other platforms on the Internet which also can help you find app developers. However, their prior function is to position a company or brand on the industry market.

Such online resources include:

LinkedIn. This network is used for professional employment purposes. With the help of LinkedIn employers contact most promising potential candidates. This website allows to find the best companies in terms of various areas of expertise, price, look for clients’ reviews and contact previous clients.

How Can I Find and Evaluate App Developers?

On the previous stage you may have already picked several app developers that you liked. Now the thing is to choose only one of them and not regret about your choice later.

In order to do this, you need to:

Learn the basics and determine the requirements

First of all, if you don’t know the basics of app development, you should study them. This will help you to choose a reliable app developer and you will be able to detect non-reliable partners.

It will be better if you know the development basics before finding an app developer. Study what programming languages are used for app development and which particular platform you want to target.

Check the rates and different market offers, compare them, analyze the factors which influence the price of the work.

Determine the scope of work that is needed for your project, the type of an app that you want to get in the end and its target audience.

Check experience with the help of portfolio

This is a must when choosing an app development company. If your project is sophisticated, it’s better to hire developers who know their stuff.

Compare the portfolios of various companies and find out their skills and areas of expertise. Check how many years of experience they have and how long they are on the market.

Bear in mind the fact that experienced app developers have successfully accomplished hundreds of projects but they can’t place them all on their website.

Check whether a company has already worked with similar projects as yours. If yes, this may mean that they already know how to deal with your project and may bring the results quickly.

If you don’t find anything related to your type of project, ask a company whether they worked with such a type.

Organize an interview

By this time you probably have a couple of companies that offer approximately the same services. The final step is interviewing the chosen companies.

Interviewing potential app developers allows you not only discuss the details of your project and learn whether a company will be able to build an app of your dream, but also check the communication.

One of the most important things to learn during the first talk is the transparency of the app development process. Ask them which particular tools they use to track the work progress, how they are going to report on the work, how the communication will be organized and what role you will play in the development, etc.

Developing an app is usually not a one-time task. In case your app becomes popular, it will need more functions. Learn whether a company may prolong the contract and support the app in the future.

Choose an app developer who offers long-term cooperation and is willing to offer various services.


Finding a reliable app developer is not an easy task due to the fact that there is a large number of app developers.

The question is what is the solution in such case? How to find the right app developer for your needs and requirements?

We advise to:

  1. Decide upon whom you want to hire: an app development company or a freelancer? The latter is good for simple and short-term projects.

Taking into account that app development process requires the work of several people, we advise to hire an app development company as it will provide a coordinated development team.

  1. Look through various sources where app developers are placed, for example, look for app developers in local universities, online resources and industry communities, freelance services.

Ask people who you know whether they have cooperated with an app development company and can advise it.

  1. Choose several companies that you like and evaluate them. In order to do this, you need to know the basics of app development as this will help you find the most reliable and experienced app developers and not encounter with fraud.

Check the portfolio to learn about company’s experience and organize an interview to check their communication.

Have you ever looked for app developers? Where did you find them? Or how can you find them?

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