Pros and cons of outsourcing software development. Part 2: Pros

Do you want to launch a new mobile app as soon as possible and not compromise on its quality but don’t have in-house resources for that? Or are you wondering whether you should hire in-house developers or outsource software development company (like Senla)?

In part 1 of this article, we considered negative aspects of outsourcing software development and how to overcome them.

It was also stated that outsourcing software development is rather risky.

In this article, we’ll talk about which benefits outsourcing brings, whether they beat all the negative points and whether it is worth risking and trying to outsource a software development company.

Outsourcing Helps Save Money

The greatest benefits are always connected with money as minimizing expenses is usually a no.1 task for business owners.

Outsourcing can help save a lot of money, but be careful here. The main point is to find the best offer for your price, but not the cheapest.

Compared to hiring in-house specialists or working with local software development companies, outsourcing is a lot more cost effective. At the same time, outsourcing an offshore company is, as a rule, cheaper than hiring a nearshore one.

By the way, countries where you can find not expensive but quality developers include Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and other.

Outsourcing Helps Save Time and Provides Immediate Expertise and Skills

This point is especially important when you need to meet a certain deadline. In this case, you don’t need to educate your in-house specialists or spend time on hiring a new software development team with the right skill set.

Outsourcing may provide you with the required resources for finishing a project on time and even with a higher quality output.

Moreover, it is most likely that an outsourced team of developers has already participated in several projects together, as a result, they have already built some working processes and can start the development faster.

Most outsourcing software development companies have encountered and carried out a large number of various projects. Most likely, they’ve seen various challenging situations and learned how to deal with them.

Thus, outsourced developers may help find a solution to your problem very quickly.

Outsourcing Offers Flexibility and Helps Reduce Risks

If you outsource software development, you don’t need to spend money on renting additional space, buying the required equipment, etc.

In case of failure, all of these points would cause additional money to lose.

But if you cooperate with a software development company, you don’t need to invest that much.

You may hire an outsourcing company for a certain period of time, especially, if you have only one-time project or your business is seasonal and you have low periods during the year.

All of this will help you not only reduce risks in case of market failure, but also invest money more rationally.

Outsourcing Provides Access to the Latest Technologies

This point is closely connected with the previous one.

Outsourcing software development companies provide their services professionally and always strive to advance their expertise which helps them find new clients.

Most likely outsourcing companies have already worked with a wide range of industries, carried out different types of projects for various platforms and in multiple software development languages.

Due to this fact, outsourcing companies can offer their services worldwide and offer their clients solutions which will provide a competitive advantage.

Outsourcing Allows to Concentrate on More Sophisticated Tasks

If you outsource software development, you just need to state your requirements related to your project and then monitor the reporting and the progress of work.

Developers will do their work and you won’t be worry that you don’t have enough internal resources for the next step of your development.

At the same time, you may contribute your time to more sophisticated tasks, for example, finding new channels of promotion to boost sales, upgrading your working processes so that your employees’ performance will increase, etc.

You will also be able to pay more attention to the core competencies of your company and strengthen them.


Outsourcing software development turned out to be not so scary as it seemed after reading the first part of the article, right?

Here are the main benefits of outsourcing a software development company:

  • Outsourcing helps save money and choose the best option for your price.
  • Outsourcing helps save time and get access to the required expertise almost immediately.
  • Outsourcing offers flexibility and helps reduce risks.
  • Outsourcing provides access to the latest technologies as outsourced specialists may have accomplished a number of complex projects involving various platforms and multiple software developments languages.
  • Outsourcing allows to concentrate on the core needs of your business while developers will do their work.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of outsourcing software development, what is more suitable for your company: hiring an in-house team of developers or outsourcing software development?

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